We have a large range of solutions for almost every need of water treatment, we can treat raw water, waste water, sea water and or any other water source, introduction to our large range is hereunder for your reference:

A. Water Vending Machine (WVM), with operator IRCTC Model
B. Portable Battery-Cart Water Vending Machine
C. Water Vending Machine, without operator
D. Industrial RO (Reverse Osmosis) Plants 200 LPH to 200,000 LPH and anymore multiple
E. BWRO Plants (Brackish Water)
F. Desalination Plant (for Sea water)
G. Mobile Desalination Plant (for sea Water)
H. Portable Disaster relief RO Plant in a container
I. Domestic, LAVO Automatic Water Softener
J. Industrial customized Automatic Water Softener

(1) Water Vending Machine (WVM), with Operator, popularly known as IRCTC model:

WVM with Kiosk is made such that it can house 250, 500and 1000 LPH RO + 200/300 Liter MS-304 SS storage tank for treated water; it will also have space to store empty bottles and room for operator to work from inside. Safely, strength, durability and functionalities are the key factors that we have considered while designing WVM Kiosk structure,
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(2) Portable Battery-Cart Water Vending Machine:

Drinking Water Portability is the key requirement of current and future generations; source of ground water are either limited and/or not available all across. Hence, in view of the same providing clean drinking water for masses all across, portable water delivery and vending mechanism is developed by team at DNI-Global.
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(3) Water Vending Machine, without operator (WVM):

Water Vending in public places is required in urban and rural as well but, it is not necessary that it can be in a place where one can have it manned all the time. In view of the same we have developed strong water vending machines; which can be just connected to water source and power by either traditional or solar via batteries and it is good to go.
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(4)Industrial RO - Reverse Osmosis Plant 200 to 200,000 LPH:

Reverse osmosis system is widely used product and is used at various stages in Industrial environment, RO water is used in manufacturing stage as well as for people involved during manufacturing process, it is required to make any product and to support the need to people making it.

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(5) BWRO Plants (Brackish Water):

BWRO is our one of the fast moving product which is working in various industries for providing water for various manufacturing processes and for components such as boilers, cooling towers etc.

It is used vastly by manufacturers to ensure that the brackish water quality due to water hardness does not reach the processes and high end equipment’s. We use very high end components and make plants with CPVC or SS connections, all based on need analysis by us and, requirement of client and specifications.

For more details on BWRO or for procurement of one, please do share your end use details and the water quality and quantity required as treated, please write to us on

(6) Desalination Plant (for Sea water):

Desalination is a response to big teaser to mankind by Mother Nature;

It’s the water we have most on our planate and, its water we need the most and we are running out of sources so fast. We treating sea water and not disturbing the sea eco-system is the solution to never run out of water. Treating and properly staging the water treatment system will ensure we do not disturb the sea and sea life and, get water for our need. We plan the plant, its layout, its current and long term impacts, its current and long term need due to scale requirement in future are the key factors one need to keep in mind to plan and design the Desalination plant of any size and capacity.

We can work with private and administrative authorities to develop the desalination plants on turnkey basis, we will be happy to hear from you on your need, location and long term goals to setup desalination plant, please write to us on

We are working on Mobile Desalination Plant which can be relocated with ease to fulfil the need on costal belts and/or to support any disaster relief operation.

(7) Portable Disaster relief RO Plant in a container:

It is a efficient way to address any immediate need to water in case of disaster; we have expertise to develop a mobile unit which can simply be connected with any kind of water source via balanced proliferation process by sediment filtration and UF to ensure the water charged into membrane system is not too bad for drinking water treatment and must not damage the system during disaster support.

It’s all about supporting people by providing clean drinking water but to have efficient system too to ensure it can face any terrain challenge to perform. Please write to us with details of your need, we will be happy to help any relief operation across the world by developing or providing readymade system off the shelf to support relief operation, for more details contact us on

(8) Automatic Water Softener, LAVO (Domestic & Industrial):

Starting from 2000 LPH to 50 M³ is the capacity we can either deliver off the shelf and/or customized larger unit, plant on need basis, all our softener systems are;

  • Easy to Install, Easy to Use, Superior Technology, Reliable, Durable, Less Maintenance and quality at affordable price;
  • Long Lasing Purolite Resin; Prevents Scaling, and increase life of Appliances.
  • Gives Clean and Worry free Soft Water for Bath and Wash.
  • Semi-Automatic Softeners also available and, suitable for small houses and flats.


LAVO SOFT model, automatic water softeners are single unit compact designed units; it can be installed at the point where water starts its journey into your house and life, it will ensure all the water supplied into the house is soft. Its design is such that it houses everything, raisin, salt and all the automation inside one body. Hence, easy to install and maintain.


LAVO automatic water softeners are manufactured by patented technology and, it does all the regeneration for providing soft water by itself on time assigned into the system automatically. It can be very easily understood like, we do the update time selection in our PC and it does it all by itself. Similarly, LAVO automatic softener also does regeneration by itself. 


Nicely placed on top of each unit, an in-built LCD panel provides access to user to make any input into the system for its programing and all the time and timers can be set using this LCD panel.


From a 2 bathroom house to 5-6 bathroom house owner; all can select model as per their need and LAVO automatic water softeners are available from 500 LPH to 3500 LPH models. If the water softening need is more than 3500 LPH then multiple units can be installed in parallel via in-put and out-put header to arrive the required LPH.

LAVO Water Softeners is for everyone who need soft water, and the model can be selected based on their size of house and daily need.


Automatic Valve, corrosion free body and single tank unit makes is very easy to maintain, due to minimal use of moving components in the unit it hardly have any mechanical component and, due to so the maintenance is low and life is long with result – SOFT Water.

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(9) Industrial Mobile Water Treatment for Boiler (Closed and Open Both):

Is your water quality for Boiler is your concern; no need to be worried. Please send us your water test report we will plan either single unit with multi stages or multi units in synergy with one another to deliver almost demineralized water to ensure closed boilers are not damaged from inside due to high conductivity of water contents.

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Key components for manufacturing:

If you are a manufacturer, please feel free to send us your components requirement, we will be able to offer you best price for bulk requirement of any components such as:

1. Pressure Tubes
2. Membranes of Various Sizes and brands
3. High Pressure Pumps
4. Low Pressure or Raw water Pumps
5. Pressure Vessels (FRP)
6. Multi-Port Valves ( Manual or Automatic)
7. Booster Pumps
8. Dosing Pumps
9. Meters and Gauges
10. HP, LP Switches
11. ATM Controllers
12. Any many more components on best price for bulk requirement across the globe

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