Water Vending Machine (WVM), with Operator


WVM with Kiosk is made such that it can house 250, 500and 1000 LPH RO + 200/300 Liter MS-304 SS storage tank for treated water; it will also have space to store empty bottles and room for operator to work from inside. Safely, strength, durability and functionalities are the key factors that we have considered while designing WVM Kiosk structure, details below;

  • 5’ x 6’ structure on ground and vertical height of 100” (8’33”);
  • Inside completely closed with secured locking door facility;
  • Antirust coat followed by, Powder coat paint inside and out in two tones:
    • Option-1, light blue and Dark blue or
    • Option-2, Beige and Blue;
  • Structure have components:
    • Heavy 2x2 MS Pipe 2.5” gauge Frame – 8 No’s;
    • Front operator grill – MS Mesh with sales window;
    • MS Mesh has got second layer of cover by collapsible shutter, made of MS sheet;
    • Operator Desk made of Marine plywood and installed in MS angle frame;
    • Operator chair (Comfortable but high chair with stepper and foot stand option;
    • Operator stepper;
  • Standard fitting of 3 No’s SS302 Grade Water dispensing ports with drainage system;
  • Concealed celling fan for operator;
  • LED Lights;
    • 2 No’s Down lighters;
    • 6 No’s Tube lights; 2 inside and 4 on top outer side of WVM for light on branding;
  • MCB Control panel to power RO, Chiller, Controller and general lighting;
  • Concealed wiring inside the kiosk by using PVC pipe;
  • Floor and storage shelf on top are made of MS plate 3mm;
  • Water lines completely Provisioned in PVC for inlet, chiller, vending and drainage by RO and/or vending terminals;

Our WVM with Kiosk will be transported in folding form and; will be assembled on site by our team. At any point of time it can also be dismantled and relocated on need basis, it is fixed structure and immovable once assembled.

For any need of WVM with Kiosk with standard and/or higher output please feel free to send your requirements by email to water@dniglobal.com, it will be our pleasure to hear from you and make a cordial suggestion to fulfill your need Water Vending Machine, with operator.

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