Water Vending Machine, without operator (WVM)


Water Vending in public places is required in urban and rural as well but, it is not necessary that it can be in a place where one can have it manned all the time. In view of the same we have developed strong water vending machines; which can be just connected to water source and power by either traditional or solar via batteries and it is good to go.

Water treatment system is made in such a manner that it can treat the water and, on top of it the WVM is very easy to maintain due to its design and layout planned in very innovative and user friendly manner.

It can be installed at Schools, bus stations, train stations, malls and at any other public place with immense ease.

It is Strong, functional, easy to maintain, technically advance and it saves water while treating due to its advanced component layout. For more details please contact us at water@dniglobal.com

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